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Welcome to A WholesomeNourished Life.

I'm so excited you are here! I have no extraordinary life-changing story to tell you. Just a passion for real food, clean living, growing my own food, compost and the ocean. 

In my little nook of the internet, I hope to inspire and motivate YOU by sharing my own ongoing journey to a happy healthy yet simple life. Here, we are all about nourishing wholefood recipes and down to earth living.


I live with my partner in the beautiful hinterland of Noosa, Australia. It is here that we are following our dream of creating our very own hobby farm just 10 minutes from the beach. #watchthisspace  


If I'm not in the kitchen, you'll find my digging around in my compost, or walking down by the ocean with our pup, Sunshine. 


Here at A Wholesome Nourished Life, we believe making health-conscious food choices are all about abundance-indulgence-pleasure-bliss-joy-& deliciousness!

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to miss out. It just means you get to eat more but without the guilt fear and shame. There is no compromise. There is no deprivation.

We have created a stunning range of raw, vegan and paleo cheesecakes all made from beautiful organic ingredients that can be found here in Noosa.  

All our desserts are handmade with love and passion. They are all free from gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugars, preservatives and artificial colours. 


The Desserts

Brightside Farm is our hobby farm (to be). We are in the midst of creating our very own small homestead from scratch. It is here we plan on raising a family, planting a small orchard, growing our own organic vegetables and herbs, collecting fresh chook eggs, composting, setting up a greenhouse and all things farm life-related. Maybe even a few goats!

This journey will most definitely be a learn as we go experience. Passion will lead the way and I look forward to sharing all our trials, errors and successes with you. 


Our little Sunshine, the Golden Retriever will be there to help too. Just like us, she eats a wholefoods diet and even does tricks for a celery stick.  

The Farm

Whether it be a delicious new wholesome recipe, health and wellness tips, learnings from the farm or the occasion life update, it will all be found here on the blog

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